Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Tropical, Pastels, Co-ords - The biggest S/S trends nailed in one set (feat. New Look)

Everyone can see that the massive trends of Spring have started to translate over to summer and these three show no signs of slowing down. Co-ords are still everywhere and with the festival season and sights set on holidays coming up, co-ord sets are upping their game. That's why I knew I had to have this Neon Palm set from New Look. The lightweight fabric and pastel colours meant it would be perfect for summer and an asset to any wardrobe. The tropical print and complimentary colours are so summery, it's enough to make you feel as if it never rains at all and because they are such beautiful pieces, they actually make great stand alone items styled with summer basics.

I actually put a completely different twist on how I styled this outfit to how it was styled on the website, I obviously wanted to wear the set together but wanted to change up the silhouette. The top is actually supposed to be worn with the buttons down the back but wearing the buttons on the front instead, bought more detail to the outfit and I actually much preferred it worn like this, also tying the front to nip the top at the waist. The skirt has a slit up one side so I just tied the two sides together, again to make more detail at the front of the outfit and give the skirt a better drape.

I styled the outfit with a gorgeous blue china paisley kimono from Primark that I picked up last month for just £8 and one of the new colour mini satchels. Primark have such an amazing range of kimonos to offer this season, more so than I've ever seen any previous year, and don't forget to check the swimwear section too as there are a few beauties are hiding in there. As for the mini satchels, they have so many cute colours on offer at the moment for S/S but this gorgeous pale turquoise colour was my favourite and really compliments this outfit. They're just £6 so I will probably go back for another colour at some point.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Primark April Top Picks

I'm going to admit now that it's getting increasingly hard to stop myself spending all my wage from Primark, in Primark. Since I'm there at least 3 days a week I find it hard to resist all the new lines pouring their way into my local store. They're getting more and more competitive with the rest of the high street and this spring especially I aren't finding much that I like more anywhere else. Primark are right up there at the top of the pile for bang on trend, affordable pieces that are going to last and keep you on point right through the summertime. I've done a few outfits showing you my top April picks and how to style them out.

This first look contains my earliest April picks. Gorgeous pastels and checks, two S/S nailed in one go. Gingham is huge right now and this soft sheer shirt is just a perfect way to wear the trend. Adding more soft sheer pastel fabrics with the checked skirt and the look is complete; the two compliment each other so well.

Gingham Shirt £12
Checked Skirt £14

 I have to admit I have loved this 'Beverly Hills' jumper ever since it came in months ago, (Probably for the fact that every time I see it I can't not sing Weezer in my head) so I was so impressed to find it in the sale! The pastel pink is still everywhere. I teamed it with what I think must be the most high end, well made item I've ever seen in Primark; a completely embellished, Aztec patterned, sequined, embroidered mini skirt. It really doesn't look like it belongs in a budget high street shop. The work that has gone into this skirt is ridiculous, you can tell just by how heavy it is!

Beverly Hills Jumper £5
Embellished Mini Skirt £14

Again, with the gingham! It really is everywhere, so I thought I'd make the most of it. This time I've styled it less girly, but with all the white, it stills hits the mark of S/S trends. The dress itself is really flattering, looks like a co-ord if you didn't know otherwise. It's cut like a skirt and crop top but sewn together like a dress. I teamed it with white hot accessories, sunnies and pool sliders, perfect for summer.

Gingham Dress £13
White Sunglasses £2
White Pool Sliders £8

I think this is my favourite look of them all. I am just in love with this kimono. Again I can hardly believe its from Primark. Except perhaps its about time that I should, because pieces like this are a dime a dozen recently. I just love it. I never want to take it off. I can barely wait for summer festivals for it to get its wear. I teamed it with another incredible piece, a palm print skirt. Tropical prints being another style being seen increasinly on the high street, and this pastel, ice-cream pallette skirt is actually one of the best ones I've seen yet. Its a stand out piece, yet its so easy to wear.

Printed Kimono £10
Palm Print Skirt £8 

What have been your April picks for Primark? There has been so many!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Minty Fresh

Take a look and like my look on Primania!

No colour says Spring like green does it? Well into the season of regrowth and new beginnings, it seems the only shade of green anyone is wearing right now is mint. Its fresh, it's impactful, it's season suiting and best of all, it looks great.  All over. On anything. Hence the styling of my most recent look.Head to toe in mint might sound like overkill, but in reality, it couldn't look better. We're all still on the co-ord, matchy-matchy train and blocking all over colour fits in with that trend perfectly. It's been the new way to easily style a look top to toe without resorting to a dress; I feel this is a much more effective way to style colour anyway.  Slight shade differences help to break the outfit up and a bit of red lippy (see last post) is a perfect contrast.

The skirt is the sought after perfect PU beauties that Primark released early last month and this colour was my favourite of the two. The skirt fits perfectly and the soft faux leather fabric is really nice and feels much more expensive than the £10 price tag; It's a steal, perfect for spring style.

The coat is another popular piece; a textured mint coat. I've seen a few high street brands sell this type of coat, all of a similar 'boyfriend' cut style. This boxy, blazer silhouette is suiting to most shapes and I can see why it would make for a popular cut. My coat is from SheInside; like a lot of international brand's, overseas shipping can take a little while but the products are always well worth the wait. Get yours here.

The rest of the outfit comes courtesy of supermarkets Tesco and Asda. Supermarket shopping is never off the cards for me, I don't think less of buying from a supermarket because its where I would also pick up groceries. The supermarkets are more on point than ever in recent years and trends that you would find on the high street are just as prevalent in these stores and are executed just as well. I always end up sticking my head into the clothes section whilst I'm picking up a few things. Recently more often than not, something finds its way into my basket. 
First of all I spotted this gorgeous fluffy 'popcorn' knit jumper, that caught my eye on a quick dash to Asda. George have a great summer collection out now but this was in the winter sale for just £9. I couldn't resist. Its so easy to throw on with any outfit and the colour is perfect; a great transitional piece to stay warm whilst looking forward to spring. 

Next was my bargain from Tesco.  Here I picked up these amazing limited edition nude studded stiletto heels for just £7 in the sale in Tesco and its safe to say that they were well worth it. They look so much more expensive, no one would know that I picked them up along side my Rolo yogurts!

How are you guys styling your mint green looks? Here are some more mint pieces on my wishlist:

Clockwise from Left:
Mint Grid and Houndstooth Print Silk Cami Dress - Lavish Alice
Turquoise Gold Slab Necklace - Delilah Dust
PU Skater Skirt - Oh My Love
Melons Bikini - This Is A Love Song
Jenny Organza Overlay Midi Skirt - Boohoo
Dracka Chain Detail Sandals - Missguided

Monday, 31 March 2014

Perfect Matte Lips (E.L.F Studio Lip Stain Review)

Well I am glad to catch a break this week! I've been working so much and wanted to do a new outfit post, however its been positively miserable outside so I decided to do a quick beauty post from the comfort of my bed.

I've had these E.L.F Studio Lip stains for a couple of weeks now and I've become so taken with them, they're becoming a staple of my make up bag. At £3.95 they really are a steal, I bought three different colours, suitable for different occasions: here's my review of each. 

Before I started I properly exfoliated and moisturised my lips. As people who wear lip stains know, some are quite tricky to get an even look as they're quite drying, colouring your lip rather than adding a layer of colour and moisture. Using a toothbrush and a balm I was able to create a smooth surface in which to apply the stains. 

1. Heartbreaker

Admittedly Heartbreaker is the colour of these lip stains that I have worn the most out of the the three colours I purchased, probably because it is the most wearable and being at work a lot I want a colour that is going to last me all day; and this does. You probably only need one coat of this as its a fairly neutral colour, this was the colour most similar to my natural lip so it did not show up any streaks or imperfections, however if you do wear a second coat, the colour is obviously deepened slightly. I do love this colour and I wear it a lot, the wear is great although take it in your make-up bag with you if you're going to be out all day like I am, just to add a little more depth to the colour throughout the day. This is going to be a firm staple in my everyday make up bag and I know its going to be one I keep going back to.

2. Birthday Suit

Birthday suit is incredible, I've never worn such a pigmented colour, and I absolutely love the contrast on my fair skin. If you want a lip colour that packs a punch, this one sure does. It looks amazing with a pale outfit as it really stands out. The first coat of Birthday suit may not go on as smoothly as Heartbreaker and definitely shows more streaks and imperfections although saying this, it is still the best one coat of a bright colour I've seen to this day. You will most likely need a second coat of it, but its ok because once the second coat goes on, the stain levels out smoothly and the colour is incredible. Its also one of a kind as I've never used a lip colour this pigmented that doesn't bleed horribly or is smudged up your face after a couple of coffees; Birthday Suit does no such thing. It stays put throughout anything. Its not coming off unless you want it to come off.  It would make a perfect lip shade for a night out.

3. Red Carpet

Last but certainly not least is Red Carpet, dare I say, my favourite of all three lips stains. I love a good red lipstick but have never found a stain that doesn't crumble away or look horrendous after a couple of drinks or simply just goes on so unevenly. This is why Red Carpet has been my saviour; its rich and strong colour is the perfect, classic red and it goes on like liquid silk. The first coat is just as heavenly as the second although I recommend a second coat, just for the fuller colour. It applys so evenly and drys quickly, leaving a gorgeous matte red that I've never had before. It looks perfect against my pale skin although I find it hard to imagine a colouring it wouldn't look great against. I could wear this forever, with a molten  pale metallic eye and a rosey blush. If you don't buy into any other colours I urge you to buy this one, it does not dissapoint!

All the colours come with lip glosses that add a lovely sheen to your stain, however I think these stains look great as a matte colour, adding class to your make-up bag and not overdoing the look. I really do recommend all of the colours and will be continuing to buy these from E.L.F for as long as they make them. The price tag doesn't match the product, I would pay a lot more for lips like these.

Go and try yours now here!

Friday, 14 March 2014

Pink to make the boys wink (feat. Heelberry, Delilah Dust and Primark)

Its was the colour to revive a winter wardrobe; making us throw out our burgundy and forest green knits and black party dresses in favour of a multi tonal, fresh look that we'd never seen take over quite so much of a/w before. 6 months down the line and entering Spring, Pink continues to reign supreme. It is still dominant on the high street and more and more beautiful garments are becoming available. Primark is a great hub for getting on trend items that wont break your bank. I picked up this amazing baby pink leather jacket for £26 and cute clutch bag to match for just £4!  They are both so soft and so wearable I can tell i'll be getting a lot of use out of these.

I managed to get my hands on these beautiful holographic sandals from I had not bought anything from there before but I am more than in love with these shoes. They are just as beautiful as they are online and fit like a dream. They are going to be a staple come summertime. Alongside the holographic beauties I also picked up these gorgeous lilac heels. They too fit perfectly and feel fantastic, all velvety and lovely I can imagine these would be a perfect addition to a pastel outfit and can't wait to wear them. 
Pink Hologram Flatform Strappy Sandals - Marrisa & Lilac Suede High Heel Party Sandals - Sophie
Not pink, but I would still like to mention my beautiful new druzy ring from Delilah Dust. I know a lot would have heard of them already since their jewellery is just perfect. I have always loved any form of crystal jewellery and studied crystals for part of my final collection at uni so am always drawn to this jewellery. They are beautifully made and this particular ring just has the most amazing surface. 

 Make sure to visit:
and check out my latest look on Primania :)

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Peter Pilotto picked a piece of pretty patterns.

For any chronic shopaholic out there I think there is no sweeter  phrase than 'designer collection for high street brand'. Every time it has sent me a little frantic; so much so that I actually begin to dread the release days slightly just in case I have to spend the rest of my day moping that I haven't managed to get my hands on a piece. I'll make it known that when I heard Peter Pilotto was doing a collection for Target, it was no different. It fact, the need for a piece of this collection was all the more. Ever since I'd seen the cover for Elle featuring my hero, Gwen Stefani back in 2012 I have been drawn to all of his collections. 
Elle cover featuring Gwen Stefani. Oct 2012 and Cosmopolitan cover featuring Carly Rae Jepsen in Jan 2013
He's up there with Mary Katrantzou for his pattern perfection and anyone that knows me know I love a good pattern clash. Every time a celebrity wears something of his to an event I find myself drawn to that outfit more than any other. There's just something so beautiful about the way he teams colours and prints, of well tailored, structural garments that are second to none. I would have given my pinky finger to have something from his collection in my wardrobe (probably).
So you can imagine my glee (squeeling) when I heard this collection was coming exclusively to the Uk via net-a-porter. I must have it. It was dropping on Sunday the 9th, the weekend of my friends hen party. I was convinced I would not forget...

...Que, whinging and moaning on Sunday night when I got home from the weekend and everything was sold out. I was gutted, of course there were pieces already for sale on eBay but not only were they twice the asking price but I wouldn't have got the beautifully wrapped parcels that net-a-porter do so well that makes you feel as if you deserve a present from yourself. I checked back every day, bits and pieces kept coming back in from returns but they weren't in my size and not the pieces I was most excited for. After seeing Alexa Chung in the monochrome asymmetric skirt, it was all I thought about since. 
Low and behold about 2 weeks after the initial release, there was the skirt, staring me in the face in my size. I picked it up alongside a beautiful blue and yellow patterned jersey top. When they arrived opening the little black box was like Christmas. The pieces felt so beautiful and the prints looked so good next to each other. 
On my instagram
I'm still trying to get my hands on the gorgeous blue and yellow slips ons somehow, but I am so happy with the pieces I have. Did you manage to get your hands on anything? What did you get?

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Game, Set and Match. Primark S/S Co-Ords

So, being in Primark a hell of a lot tends to take its toll on my purse. Thank God its affordable. I'm always keen to see the new season previews and I think the most recent previews were more directional and fashion forward than ever before. Pretty pastels and on trend prints alongside a more upmarket look of classic tailoring and quality fabrics makes for a collection that is asking to be a part of my wardrobe. The pieces that have got me most excited are their range of co-ords. The palm print, pastel, scuba top and skirt are a summer dream and the paint print, shirt and midi look as if it could have walked off the runway. I've watched them come in store and sell out just as quickly, so I'm glad that I managed to get my hands on a few.
I'm still waiting for some pieces to come in such as the sheer skirt and shirt combo, but it looks a beaut in the previews. My favourite's of all were the orange and pink leopard skort suit and the vintage look floral t-shirt and midi skirt. 
Granted, its still probably not the weather for the suit, but all the same, the colour makes up for that; there's something about orange and pink together that screams 'summertime' and I couldn't help but buy it anyway. It was so reminiscent of Henry Hollands S/S 12 collection (which I loved) it was hard not to. They would work great as single pieces too, interchanging them into other suit pieces. As for the floral set, they're just so easy to wear at this transitional time of year and at £15 for both , it would be rude not to!
Henry Holland S/S 12
My look is now added to Primania, go take a look!