Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Peter Pilotto picked a piece of pretty patterns.

For any chronic shopaholic out there I think there is no sweeter  phrase than 'designer collection for high street brand'. Every time it has sent me a little frantic; so much so that I actually begin to dread the release days slightly just in case I have to spend the rest of my day moping that I haven't managed to get my hands on a piece. I'll make it known that when I heard Peter Pilotto was doing a collection for Target, it was no different. It fact, the need for a piece of this collection was all the more. Ever since I'd seen the cover for Elle featuring my hero, Gwen Stefani back in 2012 I have been drawn to all of his collections. 
Elle cover featuring Gwen Stefani. Oct 2012 and Cosmopolitan cover featuring Carly Rae Jepsen in Jan 2013
He's up there with Mary Katrantzou for his pattern perfection and anyone that knows me know I love a good pattern clash. Every time a celebrity wears something of his to an event I find myself drawn to that outfit more than any other. There's just something so beautiful about the way he teams colours and prints, of well tailored, structural garments that are second to none. I would have given my pinky finger to have something from his collection in my wardrobe (probably).
So you can imagine my glee (squeeling) when I heard this collection was coming exclusively to the Uk via net-a-porter. I must have it. It was dropping on Sunday the 9th, the weekend of my friends hen party. I was convinced I would not forget...

...Que, whinging and moaning on Sunday night when I got home from the weekend and everything was sold out. I was gutted, of course there were pieces already for sale on eBay but not only were they twice the asking price but I wouldn't have got the beautifully wrapped parcels that net-a-porter do so well that makes you feel as if you deserve a present from yourself. I checked back every day, bits and pieces kept coming back in from returns but they weren't in my size and not the pieces I was most excited for. After seeing Alexa Chung in the monochrome asymmetric skirt, it was all I thought about since. 
Low and behold about 2 weeks after the initial release, there was the skirt, staring me in the face in my size. I picked it up alongside a beautiful blue and yellow patterned jersey top. When they arrived opening the little black box was like Christmas. The pieces felt so beautiful and the prints looked so good next to each other. 
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I'm still trying to get my hands on the gorgeous blue and yellow slips ons somehow, but I am so happy with the pieces I have. Did you manage to get your hands on anything? What did you get?