Monday, 31 March 2014

Perfect Matte Lips (E.L.F Studio Lip Stain Review)

Well I am glad to catch a break this week! I've been working so much and wanted to do a new outfit post, however its been positively miserable outside so I decided to do a quick beauty post from the comfort of my bed.

I've had these E.L.F Studio Lip stains for a couple of weeks now and I've become so taken with them, they're becoming a staple of my make up bag. At £3.95 they really are a steal, I bought three different colours, suitable for different occasions: here's my review of each. 

Before I started I properly exfoliated and moisturised my lips. As people who wear lip stains know, some are quite tricky to get an even look as they're quite drying, colouring your lip rather than adding a layer of colour and moisture. Using a toothbrush and a balm I was able to create a smooth surface in which to apply the stains. 

1. Heartbreaker

Admittedly Heartbreaker is the colour of these lip stains that I have worn the most out of the the three colours I purchased, probably because it is the most wearable and being at work a lot I want a colour that is going to last me all day; and this does. You probably only need one coat of this as its a fairly neutral colour, this was the colour most similar to my natural lip so it did not show up any streaks or imperfections, however if you do wear a second coat, the colour is obviously deepened slightly. I do love this colour and I wear it a lot, the wear is great although take it in your make-up bag with you if you're going to be out all day like I am, just to add a little more depth to the colour throughout the day. This is going to be a firm staple in my everyday make up bag and I know its going to be one I keep going back to.

2. Birthday Suit

Birthday suit is incredible, I've never worn such a pigmented colour, and I absolutely love the contrast on my fair skin. If you want a lip colour that packs a punch, this one sure does. It looks amazing with a pale outfit as it really stands out. The first coat of Birthday suit may not go on as smoothly as Heartbreaker and definitely shows more streaks and imperfections although saying this, it is still the best one coat of a bright colour I've seen to this day. You will most likely need a second coat of it, but its ok because once the second coat goes on, the stain levels out smoothly and the colour is incredible. Its also one of a kind as I've never used a lip colour this pigmented that doesn't bleed horribly or is smudged up your face after a couple of coffees; Birthday Suit does no such thing. It stays put throughout anything. Its not coming off unless you want it to come off.  It would make a perfect lip shade for a night out.

3. Red Carpet

Last but certainly not least is Red Carpet, dare I say, my favourite of all three lips stains. I love a good red lipstick but have never found a stain that doesn't crumble away or look horrendous after a couple of drinks or simply just goes on so unevenly. This is why Red Carpet has been my saviour; its rich and strong colour is the perfect, classic red and it goes on like liquid silk. The first coat is just as heavenly as the second although I recommend a second coat, just for the fuller colour. It applys so evenly and drys quickly, leaving a gorgeous matte red that I've never had before. It looks perfect against my pale skin although I find it hard to imagine a colouring it wouldn't look great against. I could wear this forever, with a molten  pale metallic eye and a rosey blush. If you don't buy into any other colours I urge you to buy this one, it does not dissapoint!

All the colours come with lip glosses that add a lovely sheen to your stain, however I think these stains look great as a matte colour, adding class to your make-up bag and not overdoing the look. I really do recommend all of the colours and will be continuing to buy these from E.L.F for as long as they make them. The price tag doesn't match the product, I would pay a lot more for lips like these.

Go and try yours now here!

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