Thursday, 1 May 2014

Primark April Top Picks

I'm going to admit now that it's getting increasingly hard to stop myself spending all my wage from Primark, in Primark. Since I'm there at least 3 days a week I find it hard to resist all the new lines pouring their way into my local store. They're getting more and more competitive with the rest of the high street and this spring especially I aren't finding much that I like more anywhere else. Primark are right up there at the top of the pile for bang on trend, affordable pieces that are going to last and keep you on point right through the summertime. I've done a few outfits showing you my top April picks and how to style them out.

This first look contains my earliest April picks. Gorgeous pastels and checks, two S/S nailed in one go. Gingham is huge right now and this soft sheer shirt is just a perfect way to wear the trend. Adding more soft sheer pastel fabrics with the checked skirt and the look is complete; the two compliment each other so well.

Gingham Shirt £12
Checked Skirt £14

 I have to admit I have loved this 'Beverly Hills' jumper ever since it came in months ago, (Probably for the fact that every time I see it I can't not sing Weezer in my head) so I was so impressed to find it in the sale! The pastel pink is still everywhere. I teamed it with what I think must be the most high end, well made item I've ever seen in Primark; a completely embellished, Aztec patterned, sequined, embroidered mini skirt. It really doesn't look like it belongs in a budget high street shop. The work that has gone into this skirt is ridiculous, you can tell just by how heavy it is!

Beverly Hills Jumper £5
Embellished Mini Skirt £14

Again, with the gingham! It really is everywhere, so I thought I'd make the most of it. This time I've styled it less girly, but with all the white, it stills hits the mark of S/S trends. The dress itself is really flattering, looks like a co-ord if you didn't know otherwise. It's cut like a skirt and crop top but sewn together like a dress. I teamed it with white hot accessories, sunnies and pool sliders, perfect for summer.

Gingham Dress £13
White Sunglasses £2
White Pool Sliders £8

I think this is my favourite look of them all. I am just in love with this kimono. Again I can hardly believe its from Primark. Except perhaps its about time that I should, because pieces like this are a dime a dozen recently. I just love it. I never want to take it off. I can barely wait for summer festivals for it to get its wear. I teamed it with another incredible piece, a palm print skirt. Tropical prints being another style being seen increasinly on the high street, and this pastel, ice-cream pallette skirt is actually one of the best ones I've seen yet. Its a stand out piece, yet its so easy to wear.

Printed Kimono £10
Palm Print Skirt £8 

What have been your April picks for Primark? There has been so many!


  1. Love your style so much! And can't believe that printed kimono is so cheap!