Friday, 14 March 2014

Pink to make the boys wink (feat. Heelberry, Delilah Dust and Primark)

Its was the colour to revive a winter wardrobe; making us throw out our burgundy and forest green knits and black party dresses in favour of a multi tonal, fresh look that we'd never seen take over quite so much of a/w before. 6 months down the line and entering Spring, Pink continues to reign supreme. It is still dominant on the high street and more and more beautiful garments are becoming available. Primark is a great hub for getting on trend items that wont break your bank. I picked up this amazing baby pink leather jacket for £26 and cute clutch bag to match for just £4!  They are both so soft and so wearable I can tell i'll be getting a lot of use out of these.

I managed to get my hands on these beautiful holographic sandals from I had not bought anything from there before but I am more than in love with these shoes. They are just as beautiful as they are online and fit like a dream. They are going to be a staple come summertime. Alongside the holographic beauties I also picked up these gorgeous lilac heels. They too fit perfectly and feel fantastic, all velvety and lovely I can imagine these would be a perfect addition to a pastel outfit and can't wait to wear them. 
Pink Hologram Flatform Strappy Sandals - Marrisa & Lilac Suede High Heel Party Sandals - Sophie
Not pink, but I would still like to mention my beautiful new druzy ring from Delilah Dust. I know a lot would have heard of them already since their jewellery is just perfect. I have always loved any form of crystal jewellery and studied crystals for part of my final collection at uni so am always drawn to this jewellery. They are beautifully made and this particular ring just has the most amazing surface. 

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  1. The other week I got an email off heelberry saying they have 20% off with the code blogger20.... Tempted by the holographicness goodness!