Monday, 23 April 2012

Alternative Fashion Week

So from the 16-21 April Spitalfields Traders Market in East London became home to heaving crowds of people, keen to get their eyes on the new collections from designers all over the globe. The market was crammed with models, designers, photographers, dedicated fashion followers and some onlookers who couldn't quite revert their eyes! Gushing rain outside was soon forgotten as colourful and eccentric collections bounded down the catwalk. Over 80 designers from college and university students to independent designers all showcased their work at Alternative Fashion Week.

I went down to Spitalfields on the 19th to see my own work being shown. Derby University had a theme of 'Hue's of Blue' and each of the 20 students altered one of their final collection outfits to fit this theme. The university's collection closed the show on Thursday to the sound of 'Blue Monday' by New Order being performed by the show's own band The Mannequins. Creativity was rife among all designers and the collection looked great as it hit the catwalk.

Spitalfields was a great setting to compliment creative designs and the bustling market is definitely one of the best flea markets I've ever visited!

Here's a video from Thursdays show with my own outfit showing at 4:45
(Other videos from the other days are also up now on youtube!)

Here's a few snaps of Derby Univeristy's oufits from the show: 

HOLLA! (The great blue glasses you can see here on some of the photos were from Spitalfields market and you can get them here and follow them on twitter!)

Here are a few photos of my own design:

AFW was a great experience and I would definitely recommend taking part in if or even just going to see the shows in the coming years.

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